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The "Groupe de Reflexion et d'Etude pour Institut Scientifique Européen" (GREISE) is a non-profit association of physicists mainly but not exclusively from CERN in Geneva who have decided in 1991 to help training and high level education of young scientits from the whole Europe and the south side of Mediterranean sea.

GREISE General Action :
Since 1994 the GREISE Foundation is helping young scientist from Easter Europe and South side of Mediterranean sea to obtain high level training in Medical Physics, to obtain visa if needed and to obtain bursaries for different workshops which include Medical Physics teaching. 

Legal Status of GREISE:

GREISE (Groupe de Réflexion et d'Etude pour un Institut Scientifique Européen ) is an Association according to the French law of July 1, 1901. The legal recognition of its creation was requested at the sous-préfecture of Gex on October 2, 1991, by Alfred FRIDMAN (Chairman), Jean Pierre VIALLE (Vice-President) and Gabriel BASSOMPIERRE (Secretary). GREISE was immediately recognized by the Sous-Préfet of Gex in October 3 1991 and its creation was published in the "Journal Officiel de la République Francaise" on October 23, 1991 (see page 2579). In 2013, Gabriel BASSOMPIERRE became the President of GREISE. The headquarters of the "GREISE Association" are located at: Les Marlis 243, F-01280 Prévessin-Möens, France.

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Help or join GREISE:

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Legal status of the Institute for Medical Physics (IFMP)

IFMP was established on March 12, 2014 by the General Assembly of GREISE and representatives of "Physics-Sans Frontières" (its President and Treasurer). 

IFMP is the educational arm of GREISE.

To manage IFMP, a board has been appointed and currently consists of:
Paul BAILLON (Honorary CERN), member
Robert BARATE (Professor Emeritus), member
Gabriel BASSOMPIERRE (GREISE chairman), ex officio
Luc BIDAUT (Dundee University), secretary
Patrick JARRY (PSF and CERN-Saclay), ex officio
Yves LEMOIGNE (CERN), director of IFMP

The legal reference for IFMP is thus the "GREISE Association."

Postal address:
25-27 rue Jean Jaurès
74100 Ambilly, France

In 2014 -2015 IFMP organised or/and participated in:

In Mai 2014:

Medical Physics Programme in Sarajevo School 2014

In October 2014:

Shkodra Workshop (Albania)

In March 2015:

First CMBEbiH in Sarajevo (Bosnia)


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